Info On Phosani's Nightmare OSRS With Free Rsorder 2007 Runescape Gold


Info on Phosani's Nightmare OSRS with Free Rsorder 2007 Runescape Gold

The more difficult version of The Nightmare, Phosani's Nightmare, has been released in Old School RS this week. Players are able to fight this boss for one week and try to gain the prizes.

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What is the Phosani's Nightmare OSRS?

Phosani's Nightmare is a more difficult version of The Nightmare OSRS released in March 5th, 2020. The Phosani's Nightmare can be found in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, and you are able to fight against it in a solo encounter by entering the portal beside Phosani’s coffin. You can only fight the Phosani's Nightmare for one week.
Notice: In order to fight the Phosani Nightmare OSRS, you must have defeated the normal version of the Nightmare boss at least once.

Rewards from OSRS Phosani's Nightmare

According to the recent official Phosani's Nightmare and Tinted Hitsplats blog, this version of The Nightmare is tougher and scarier, and it becomes more difficult to defeat as you have to take it on alone. If you are brave enough to try the challenge, there will be substantial rewards for your efforts.
The fastest global kill time will gain 6 months of OSRS membership and a signed piece of artwork featuring The Nightmare boss. The second place will gain 3 months of membership, and the third place will get 1 month of membership. If you want to see the current fastest time, you could check it on the gravestone near Phosani’s coffin. The loot table for Phosani's Nightmare has not been changed.

Have you fight the Phosani Nightmare OSRS?

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