Enjoy RS Diamond Dozen Treasure Hunter Promo With $10 Off RSorder Cheap Runescape Gold


Enjoy RS Diamond Dozen Treasure Hunter Promo with $10 off RSorder Cheap Runescape Gold

RS Diamond Dozen is a new Treasure Hunter promotion active this month. Until Mar. 16th, join in this TH promo to gain some old Treasure Hunter favourites.

As Spring is coming, here comes the Spring Party with discounts for gold on RSorder! Chance to enjoy up to $10 coupons for RS Gold, OSRS Gold and other products from Mar.16 to Mar.22, 2020!

RS Diamond Dozen: new TH promotion

A new Treasure Hunter promotion, RS Diamond Dozen, has been active in game from March 12th to March 16th, 2020.
During this Diamond Dozen Treasure Hunter promotion, players can select prizes from a prize pool to form a personal wishlist, including lamps, stars, protean resources, and other old Treasure Hunter favourites. Players get a roll on the prizes they have selected and receive one of the rewards from that wishlist.

Gain more RS Treasure Hunter keys

RS Treasure Hunter keys can be used to unlock chests in Treasure Hunter in order to win prizes. There are various ways to gain treasure hunter keys, and here are some of them:
1. Free players get one key a day while members normally get two keys a day, and members who bought a silver or gold Premier Club get three daily keys.
2. Nearly every monster in RS, barring those in minigames or Dungeoneering, has a chance of dropping a Key token.
3. Players may gain key tokens through any of the same methods that can be used to find a strange rock, in addition to Divination.
4. The completion of any quest will earn the player 2 additional earned keys.

Have you joined in RS Diamond Dozen Treasure Hunter promotion?

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