Learn OSRS Soul Wars With $10 Off Rsorder Runescape 07 Gold


Learn OSRS Soul Wars with $10 Off Rsorder Runescape 07 Gold

It has been revealed in the latest official news post that Soul Wars is planned to return to Old School RS. Read the details below to learn more information on Soul Wars OSRS minigame.

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General information on RS Soul Wars

Released in February 2009, Soul Wars is a popular minigame that combined PvP with PvM. In RS Soul Wars, 2 opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments, and offer them to the Soul obelisk in order to defeat each other's avatars through combat. The objective of this minigame is to defeat the opposing team's avatar more times than they defeat your team in 20 minutes.
Soul Wars is also an effective place for players to train Slayer.

Will Soul Wars OSRS come back?

According to the latest “Gielinor Gazette: March 2020” news post, the develop team has seen thousands of requests for Soul Wars to return. It was important that Soul Wars should look the same as it did back in 2009, but to fully map the area from scratch would is a huge undertaking. Some models have been revealed in this official news post.

Although there has been a working prototype, it will still take a fair amount of work to get the Soul Wars minigame to a point where it can be released in game. With the right resources, the team believes that it could be possible to release Soul Wars OSRS towards the end of the year. Now they want to know what players think about.

You could share your thoughts about Soul Wars OSRS if you want.

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