Importance Of Bills Of Materials (BOMs) In Manufacturing Industry


Importance of Bills of Materials (BOMs) in Manufacturing Industry

Everyone in the manufacturing industry whether an outstanding player, a new one or an intermediate; must be hit on the term “Bills of materials” or BOM on a frequent basis. A BOM in ERP for pharmaceutical industry is considered as a crucial component in the manufacturing process that binds all the concerned departments together and suggests how a product should be put together.

BOM is an intrinsic part of the manufacturing process for the process manufacturers. The significance of BOM lies in its formula and its linking with the finished goods and the intermediate stored in the inventory.

BOM should be prepared carefully as the incomplete BOM may lead to material shortages, inaccurate product costing, inferior material planning, increased production costs, lost sales and increased risk of product liability.

That’s the reason manufacturers need to understand what exactly BOM is, how it functions and why it is so important in the manufacturing industry:

Bills of Materials:

Bills of materials in pharmaceutical ERP software is a list of all the essential components that required to make a product including raw materials, ingredients, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, unit of measure and the quantity needed to manufacture a finishing product.

A BOM can be used by means of communication between the manufacturing partners or confined to a single manufacturing plant. It lets everyone to know, what to purchase, how to purchase and where to purchase.

A BOM can be single level and multiple levels both. A manufacturing BOM also includes a comprehensive set of instructions on how a product can be assembled from the conception phased to the finished products ready for shipping including the packing materials.

BOM assists manufacturing business in multiple ways including planning for the purchase of raw materials, enhance inventory control, estimation of material costs, planning of the material requirement, maintain accurate records etc.


Importance of BOM in the manufacturing industry:

BOM plays a crucial role in the development of any product. As a fact, you can’t simply manufacture a product without accurate BOM. It helps manufacturers to manage, identify materials and provide accurate information in order to minimize the wasteful spending. Let’s take a look at why BOM is crucial in the manufacturing industry.

Avoid running out of materials:

Lack of accuracy in BOM leads to the production team out of inventory which ultimately hampers the production. On the other hand, a clear list of material’s quantity and inventory of a BOM allows you to manage the materials in an effective way. With an ERP solution, you can set up the reminders whenever the stock is low.

Ensure better planning:

BOM gives manufacturers a variety of lists that are required to complete a project or task. As a result, planners get a detailed list of all the data they require to complete a plan for instance how long does the project will take place and how many people need to be involved etc.

Time and cost savings:

BOM is responsible for cost savings because of the effective inventory management feature. Also, manufacturers can save a lot of time by having a knowledge of how much component is required and by linking one formula to multiple BOM.

Encourages consistency:

There are multiple small businesses where only one person manages the specific are of production. For such type of businesses, BOM acts as a framework which can be followed by the staff to ensure consistency.


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