Enjoy Prizes From RS Gone Adventuring In TH With 6% Off RSorder Cheap Runescape Gold


Enjoy Prizes from RS Gone Adventuring in TH with 6% off RSorder Cheap Runescape Gold

Gone Adventuring is the latest Treasure Hunter promotion active this week. During this period, use Treasure Hunter keys to claim prizes from glass cases.

Happy April Fool's Day, a 100% real surprise on RSorder! Enjoy 6% off (code "RPD6") for RuneScape Gold, OSRS Gold and more for everyone and double Loyalty Points (every 100 points can be used as $1) for RSorder members from Mar.27 to Apr.6, 2020!

When is RS Gone Adventuring TH promo active?

As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, Gone Adventuring is active from March 24 to March 28, 2020. During this TH promotion, Alice and her chests are replaced by a glass case containing ten regular Treasure Hunter prizes.

Enjoy prizes from RS Gone Adventuring in TH

During the Gone Adventuring, players can use Treasure Hunter keys to claim one random prize from the case at a time. All of the prizes are visible and have an equal chance to be won. It is possible to refresh the contents of the glass case at any point; after the free refresh, it costs 75 oddments per prize rerolled.
On March 24th 2020, smouldering lamps and supreme stars have been added to the pool of prizes. At least small smouldering lamps and medium smouldering lamps, and medium supreme stars were available.

Join in Gone Adventuring with Zodiyak Track

Besides the Gone Adventuring Treasure Hunter promo, players can also participate in RS Zodiyak Track event until May 3rd. After completing different tasks, various rewards can be obtained from two prize tracks (free and premium), including the Dioscuri Battlemage Outfit, Cosmic Billy pet and more.

Have you joined in RS Gone Adventuring for its prizes?

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