In Runescape There Is A Place Of Runescape Game Called Pollniveach


In Runescape there is a place of Runescape game called Pollniveach

What's the winrsgold deal with Runescape gamers being offended by removing some NPC named Ali out of Runescape game?

In Runescape there is a place of Runescape game called Pollniveach, and it's a town in the center of a desert, with a very motif. In-game, there is a lore explanation for why everyone is called Ali (had to do with a character dying and leaving everything to"Ali" in their will, which caused everyone to change their titles to try and gather on it), but in all actuality the rationale is that the writers thought it would be amusing to name everyone in the Arabian setting with a stereotypically Arabian name.

In RuneScape 3 (they're not affecting Old-School RuneScape with this change) they are changing the character names and a few of the conversation so the characters now have different names. The reasoning for the change is that it is fairly insensitive and borderline racist to decrease every character in the region into a condensed racial stereotype (such as if you were to start calling black people"Jamal" or Chinese folks"Zhou"). Some people aren't pleased with the change since it is removing a joke that's been in Runescape match for over a decade.

Edit: I need to clarify - A lot of people are bringing up the pursuit"The Feud" in response to the, and that I did not mention it here. This quest is the main piece of content inside this region, and it's the context in. On the other hand, the"Ali" item is a side joke in the quest, and changing the names wouldn't really have much of an effect on the pursuit besides eliminating a couple throwaway lines.

The true story of this pursuit is trying to locate"the world's greatest merchant" Ali Morrisane's long-lost nephew, and in the process, getting sucked into a gang war between the Menaphites along with the Bandits. Through the process you have to purchase a lot of items from various retailers in Pollniveach, who end up using business relationships with Ali Morrisane, and the punchline is that you just got conned into purchasing a lot of stuff from his enterprise, making him truly"the world's greatest merchant".

I struggle to determine how it was harmful, or conducive. When I did quests about that region I wasnt thinking"haha look at those stupid arabians with all their names being the same", nor did I think any less of arabians or their culture because most of the characters shared the exact same name. It was a positive and enjoyable experience that the way I visit negatively affects arabians AT ALL. Idk it seems like this unnecessary shift and this is kind of my triggerpoint in which there arent any to where Im starting to think some people are just searching for items that are offensive.Some suggestions to buy RS gold make runescape more Varied


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