What Is A Custom-made Screen Protector?


What is a custom-made screen protector?


Custom cutting is our specialty, we offer the custom made screen protectors for a wide range of screens and devices. We have the best technology to cut protectors in any shape or size that you need. Our specialist team made custom protectors for camera holes, mobile, iPhone 8 screen protectors and many more. We have packaging options for all types of custom-made protectors.

We manufacture the unique design for your device and it may be protected from scratches, bumps, scuffs, reflections, UV, splashes, and bacteria. Our latest design with durables finishes protects the film and glass of your screen. We solve your query related to screen protectors in New Zealand and provide you the best service at our store.

We have 200,000 screen protectors in our catalog and we export for the customers’ demands. We can cover many protectors such as anti-bacterial, matte, premium films, anti-glare, and many more whatever you are looking for.


Tempered glass and premium film

Custom made and design

Quick shipping and production

Custom brand packaging available, retail-friendly

No minimum order quantities, with price breaks on large orders

Cut tolerances of 0.01mm in the highest quality

Intrinsic-safe, anti-glare, anti-bacterial options are available.

Why choose us:

We use high-quality material for our products and give you the best.

We test material before made products

We can cut custom shape or size

We offer quality based films

We provide the best service for customers


We made business proudly across New Zealand, by protecting their devices Smartphones, Tablet Screen Protector, LCD’s and any touch panel device in the highest quality. In 10 years we shipped thousands of protectors in New Zealand and our custom-designed screen protector running smoothly as well.







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