HP Officejet Pro 3800 Printer Support Number Is Printing But It Is Not Scanning. What Should I Do?


HP Officejet pro 3800 printer support number is Printing but it is not Scanning. What Should I do?

Now and again it gets possible that your 123.hp.com/ojpro 3800 HP Officejet expert 3800 printer bolster number is printing anyway it isn't scanning. Your printer worked honorably previously and now causing an issue while checking. Certain events, the issues happen while analyzing to the PC. These issues might be express to sifting to PC. In HP Officejet star 3800 printer Drivers along these lines, you should try checking "from" the PC once. If that works, you can value printing nearby looking at.

The HP Officejet star 3800 printer helpline number principal botch sign says that you are not related with the web. Right when checked it's not so much. Besides, you have replugged all the printer HP Officejet pro 3800 printer support number relationship, by then moreover a comparative issue existing. What to do by then?

In two or three cases, a screw up is demonstrated which says that "paper is out" when there is a great deal of paper inside printer. 123. hp.com/ojpro 3800 Printer separating to PC may not work since clear to PC setting is either disabled. The 123.hp.com/Officejet professional 3800 other clarification for check work not working can be that the absolute drivers are not presented on HP Officejet pro 3800 printer helpline number  the structure or PC. In such a circumstance, directly off the bat endeavour to engage the yield to PC setting by following the under given steps:

  • Firstly, open the Finder – Applications decision.
  • Secondly, go to help for Hp printer – 123.hp.com/arrangement
  • Thirdly, open and find the www.123.hp.com/arrangement utility decision.
  • Next, find Scan/Scan to PC decision inside that utility. In the event that it's not all that much difficulty ensure that Scan to PC setting is enabled.
  • Lastly, save your done HP Officejet pro 3800 printer Drivers settings. By then, restart both the PC and printer and endeavour to channel again using www.123.hp.com/arrangement printer.
  1. Using 123.hp.com/arrangement Uninstaller

Overall, HP Uninstaller is presented during the hidden printer programming foundation.

  1. Click on Finder decision in the Dock.
  2. Next, click on Applications, and go to the www.123.hp.com/arrangement envelope.
  • If HP Uninstaller is accessible inside envelope, click it and stick to the on-screen rules to uninstall the item.
  • If HP Uninstaller is missing inside envelope, bounce to the accompanying stage.
  1. Drag the complete www.123.hp.com/arrangement envelope to Trash in the Dock.
  2. Click Go to Folder on the 123.hp.com/setup menu bar and type/Library/Printers. Next, click the Go button. This will open the Printers envelope.
  3. Finally, restart your Mac.
  4. Press Ctrl + Trash image, and void the Trash.
  5. Using www.123.hp.com/arrangement Easy Start

You can download HP Easy Start for OS X 10.9 and increasingly current adjustments. This item application is used to 123.hp.com/Officejet pro 3800 uninstall your HP Officejet professional 3800 printer Drivers programming.

  1. Visit 123.hp.com/arrangement, and snap Download decision.
  2. Launch HP Easy Start from programming downloads.
  3. Click on File and right now Uninstall HP Officejet professional 3800 printer Drivers Software from the menu.
  4. Click Continue in the wake of examining the exhortations.
  5. When incited, enter head username and mystery express.
  6. HP Uninstaller will itself remove all present HP Officejet professional 3800 printer helpline number programming if present.

Desire this blog offers a perfect response for circumstances when your HP Officejet professional 3800 printer helpline number is printing yet it isn't Scanning. Do reveal to us whether the issue is settled or not. With the www.123.hp.com/setup + 1-800-673-8163 objective that we can give you further required assistance.


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