Smoother And More Modern Appearance


smoother and more modern appearance


Steel - A RuneScape gold smoother and more modern look, with platelegs that get skinnier in their way down, a tight platebody, an old-fashioned thin helm, and shields with more rounded edges. Mithril - A smoother and much more modern look, with stone in the legs and skirts, stripes of white at the bodies, more archaic helms and straighter protects with a white cross instead of a brown one on the kiteshield, the same shape and size.

Adamantine - A smoother and more modern appearance, using a shinier tinge on everything and tiny spikes close to the armpits and shield corners. Again, it's the helm that's narrower, with a grey crest instead of a blue one, and a gray stripe instead of red on the moderate. Rune - A smoother and more contemporary look, and emeralds gleaming on the shoulders (platebody) and random areas among the mail (chainbody). The legs have been geometrically shaped, the helms are more pointed, and the guards are more curvy. These are simply examples. What do you think about this? Any suggestions?

The quest seems a bit rushed, and the way the NPCs talk does not seem like actual people. Also, I feel like the pursuit is somewhat illogical. Should you have to establish a town protector, why would you visit Sedridor? If I didn't have a guide, I would be searching for hoursand likely buy School RuneScape Gold end up, until one day I happened to speak with Sedridor and I noticed the choice for the quest.


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