Tips To Choose A Productive Networking Monitoring Software


Tips to Choose A Productive Networking Monitoring Software


Networking is trending, as it offers a number of advantages to a variety of businesses. You can strengthen business connectivity, get fresh ideas, make your profile visible, gain knowledge and confidently manage your automated business activities.

But, a little bit of networking disconnection is a matter of worries. It enforces downtime, which results in the direct loss of productivity. Even, your customers may feel frustrated upon finding you offline. Certainly, it’s a irreparable loss of reputation because it takes your customers elsewhere.

For a healthy IT server and network solutions, you require productive and protective software that can quickly alert and flag up potential failures. Moreover, it would be way easier to determine slow response time and low storage capacity.

Here are some essential tips to select the most productive networking software corresponding to your business type.

  • Look For Security Features

Security comes first. The network monitoring software intimates your connected devices through the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).  The devices like routers in IT infrastructures should be set as “Enabled” to agree with the SNMP. It allows every device to connect and get information about network monitoring status.

Using SNMPv3 will be more beneficial, as it requires authentication before allowing hackers to get in and take away valuable credentials. If your devices support its old version, change it to the read-only community name from “Public” to something else (that is hard to guess). Avoid setting a read-write community name.

The SNMP can guard your Windows workstations also. Choose the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service to monitor, which is a standard interface for Windows Server systems and Hyper-V hosts with enabled protocol.

If you want to play a safe game, lock down the access to its administrative consol. If you want to configure multiple users or roles with different points of access, enable only viewing and reporting functions.

  • Licencing Models As Per Device or Sensors

There are network monitoring packages available per element, node or sensor. If you talk about a single sensor, it might cover tracking of hard disk usage, service performance and traffic report. On the flip side, the device licences are costly, but they cover end to end monitoring of nominated devices.

When it comes to selection, prefer device-based product for monitoring absolutely everything. But if you want to keep tabs on only a few devices, sensor-based licence would be a more affordable.

  • Customise Monitoring Dashboard

The installation of the software with enabled SNMP does the entire monitoring itself. It figures out devices to monitor and you don’t need to do anything else. What all you can do is provide the correct IP address ranges to scan and other credentials that it requires. This doing would initiate monitoring.

The monitoring tools fetch a massive volume of datasets, which you may not like to see. You can set colour codes for icons and bespoke layout to see all vital happenings in your own way.  For instance, you can track systems with the highest CPU memory, memory, disk space and network utility etc..

Prefer the package that sends immediate alert about any serious problem occurring via an email or SMS, especially when the downtime starts or in the beginning of breaching.

  • What to Look For in Terms of Costing

You should think twice before investing in the software. Figure out which systems require monitoring the most-internal or cloud services. However, there are many products that offer monitoring of internal networking as a standard and the cloud services as add-ons. Make a final decision upon getting deep with this matter.

You should also look up for the network health monitoring for iOS or Android-whichever you use. Before investing, double check if it is inclusive in the free package.


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