How To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker


How to become a certified ethical hacker


If you are a fresher or beginner and don’t know anything about hacking? First, you should start with the basics for better results. Instead of learning direct hacking, if you want to become a hacker then you should do research on HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, security network, common network protocols like IP address, virus, ports, firewalls, etc.

You should also get advanced knowledge about alternate operating systems Linux. Although it is must for hacking? Once you know about the basic fundamental of hacking. Then you will easily learn the professional hacking AU and get techniques and you can easily understand any technique of hacking.

Advanced Hacking is not easy you can’t get trained in one week, so you should hurry for this. For this, first, you will get skills, creativity knowledge, dedication, and time. It may take a few months or a few years to learn hacking, which depends on you, how much dedication and effort you are working with. If you want to hire a Professional Hackers For Hire AU, we will provide hackers online with the highest quality solutions. You can get in touch with us at Vault Hacks we give services across the globe.

Types of hackers:

1. White Hat Hacker - We can call it good hackers; White hat hackers use their skills for the safety of other people and companies. As we call security experts and Ethical Hackers For Hire AU.

2. Black Hat hackers - We also know Black hat hackers as Crackers, they do illegal work using their skills like account hacking, online phishing, etc.

3. Gray Hat Hackers - Gray hat hacker is made up of black and white hat hackers, they work well some times and illegal work so sometimes they are called gray hat hackers.

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