Best Dance Classes’ Studio In Medford Oregon


Best dance classes’ studio in Medford Oregon

Panache Dance Co. is a fun dance studio with an expert dance office situated in the Medford Center in Medford, Oregon. We "Hit the dance floor with PANACHE" - who means our artists hit the dance floor with certainty and style. We urge our artists to sparkle all around in dance class as well as throughout everyday life. Come hit the dance floor with us! Panache Dance Studio is currently offering Arco, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary.

For every one of our classes, we give an overall age rule to help direct you through choosing the correct classes for your artist. If it's not too much trouble, realize that these are ideas, nonetheless, we care all the more critically that your artist is in the ideal class for their age and capacity. We couldn't imagine anything better than to help control you through the way toward picking the ideal classes; don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Medford Dance Studio

Panache Dance Company is the dance studio you've been searching for in the more prominent Medford Dance Studio ozone! We offer the ideal balance for our understudies by offering ideal freedoms to perform, proficient and (in particular) kind educators, and continually keeping a "spending plan budget-friendly.

Dance Classes Medford Oregon

Panache Dance Co. began in an extra room at a companion's home in 2013 when Sydney moved back home to Medford Oregon, OR. She had moved on from BYU-Idaho, where she started her career showing dance for her teacher's studio, and now needed to impart that enthusiasm to artists in Dance Classes Medford Oregon. She had three filled classes in a week. From that point, Panache has developed from 20 artists to 150 in what feels like the flicker of an eye. With new educators joining our group and a spic and span proficient space, Panache Dance Co. has only a splendid future ahead.



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