Another Thing With Megathreads That Rely On Pictures


Another thing with megathreads that rely on pictures

Thank you for Animal Crossing Bells the comments. The major thing with megathreads is we've already got two running in a time (two stickies is that the limit on Reddit): Straightforward codes and questions. Those are two things that bring a lot of clutter, and there is a maximum of two sticky slots. During the time something else is taking that slot machine, the code or questions thread for instance, would not be visible and it would get very little use.

A directory thread could operate, but frankly, in my opinion having a massive list of megathreads is a little messy/unintuitive.

Another thing with megathreads that rely on pictures, there's no way to view images at this moment, so the user would have to upload the pictures offsite themselves and post it. Which may be a huge hassle.

Can questions and codes be combined? People already place their codes from the questions thread despite the rules anyhow. Or create the codes ribbon its own daily/weekly scheduled article with the other ones and maintain the questions ribbon. I think those threads are nice and all, although the fact that they take precedence over major news or events is weird.

I mean it's your selection. Would you like more rules and to have to monitor the subreddit more? Or do you need to leave it as is and continue to risk the hostility in the comments on the more controversial posts such as the museum + edited pics posts, which would also need to be monitored more?

Or do you want users to have the expectation that everything they need can be located in some specific threads on a particular program? I think that it works out well for another subreddits that take action. And honestly, to me, setting up automod to run the threads and then simply tracking buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells the lower volume of posts sounds like less work.


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