Something Which Disturbs Me In A Great Deal


Something which disturbs me in a great deal

Do not care about photographs taken of Animal Crossing Items this console-screen, I believe what the image itself is should matter.

This really annoys me. We've read ourselves from now. Something something, smug villager says nobody could hear him shout from his basement. It is interesting to share if you are the individual who achieved the landmark, but it gets tiresome to see a lot of"first blue rose" articles. I don't believe they should be prohibited entirely, but there is no reason anybody should be taking an image of the screen in 2021.

Photos of irl merch

Something which disturbs me in a great deal of gaming subreddits is"I bought the thing!" Posts reaching massive amounts of upvotes. However, there are some really talented artists out there making beautiful fanmade merch, and that shouldn't be discounted. I want to mention that maybe merch posts should be limited to the people who actually made the things, but that may cross over into buy Animal Crossing Bells self-promotion too much.


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