The Novel Vaccine Delivery Devices Market Is Projected To Grow At An Annualized Rate Of ~20%, Till 2030


The novel vaccine delivery devices market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~20%, till 2030

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on “Novel Vaccine Delivery Devices Market, 2019-2030” covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • Over 130 novel vaccine delivery devices, including marketed / under development products, are being investigated for the delivery of both liquid and solid formulations for vaccines
  • The market landscape is fragmented, featuring both new entrants (small companies) and established players (mid-large sized enterprises); the US is currently considered to be the hub for vaccine delivery focused firms
  • A myriad of invasive and non-invasive delivery devices based on different routes of administrations are under evaluation; majority of them are in clinical stages of development
  • In order to achieve an edge over competing players, delivery device developers in this market are increasingly focusing on the integration of advanced features in their respective products / offerings
  • An evaluation of 490+ marketed and pipeline products revealed that several vaccine candidates are likely to be considered for delivery via novel vaccine delivery device in the near future
  • An increasing interest in the field is also reflected in the partnership activity, deals inked in the recent past were focused on a diverse range of devices, and involved both international and indigenous stakeholders
  • The benefits of the novel vaccine deliver devices presently outweigh the challenges related to their development and sales; the growing optimism in this domain is evident in the opinions of industry veterans
  • The future opportunity for novel vaccine delivery devices is expected to be distributed across various product types, routes of administration and key geographical regions


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Table of Contents


    1.1. Scope of the Report
    1.2.       Rfeesearch Methodology
    1.3.       Chapter Outlines

3.1.       An Overview of Vaccines
3.1.1.    Classification of Vaccines Live, Attenuated Vaccines Inactivated Vaccines Subunit Vaccines Toxoid Vaccines DNA Vaccines

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