Cyber Security


Cyber Security

Hacking has developed through the years to denote people who commit any of the twelve computer offenses as established by the law. It involves engaging in one or more of the three key areas namely software piracy, hacking, and/or phreaking. Many hackers assign different meanings and interpretations to operating as a hacker. However, something almost common among all of them is that they do not see themselves as criminals. Although there have been intense debate on the criminality of hacking, the idea that the line between crime and hacking is thin is something that is almost acceptable to most people. This paper revision service will focus on why hackers do not consider their activities as crime. In addition the paper will discuss how one can break the law but fail to define him/herself as deviant.

The social configuration of reality among many hackers comes from a process in which the hacker develops a new conception of the nature of the object. However, it is widely acknowledged that hackers are aware of the fact that they are violating someone else's computer system and this is referred as an illegal activity. In addition, they fail to conceptualize the financial impacts of their activities. Nevertheless, hackers consider their actions morally acceptable and this outweighs any consciousness of criminality. They view their activities as nothing wrong because all they do is poke around, look at how the systems work from the inside and test the limits of the systems. For such a reason hackers fail to consider themselves as criminals.

From their viewpoints, hackers see their activities as victimless crimes, so there is no criminal offense involved. According to software crackers, powerful software companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe, manipulate knowledge and profit from something that should be offered for free. Victims-customers are innocent and weak. For such companies, this is not a crime and so are their activities.

Another reason why hackers do not consider themselves as criminals is that they see their actions as a legitimate tool for learning and enhancing computer security. This is true for those of them who are termed as ethical hackers. They are hired by companies to infiltrate their systems to test the firm's firewall. Therefore, hackers consider themselves as visitors, explorers rather than intruders. While media try to portray hackers as shameless people, they feel no shame because they hold respectable positions owing to their hacking abilities. They propagate themselves as positive deviants and as extraordinary people trying to bring to light what is commonly hidden from the general public. They think that the availability of hacking tools means that their activities are legitimate just like guns in public are.

Just like any other reputable career, hacking is founded on knowledge and devotion to learning about computers. The fact that white hacking is recognized even by the government makes any other hacking legitimate according to several hackers. Therefore, the distinction between black hacking and white hacking is based just on perceptions and not on the legality of the issue.

From the above discussion, it is clear that hackers do not see themselves as criminals because white hacking has earned a place in the society. Just like defiant groups like ISIS who claim that they are fighting the holy war, perceptional interpretation of hacking makes hackers fail to define themselves as deviants. With respect to rising cyber security concerns, hacking will continue to take the center stage. In addition, the widely held perception among hackers that they are indeed a resource to the public make them fail to see themselves as criminals. In addition, hackers have a feeling that the actual criminals are those hiding and censoring information.


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