The Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors And Stimulators Market Is Projected To Grow At An Annualized Rate Of ~15%, Till 2030


The next generation immune checkpoint inhibitors and stimulators market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of ~15%, till 2030

Roots Analysis has done a detailed study on Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Stimulators Market, 2020-2030., covering key aspects of the industry’s evolution and identifying potential future growth opportunities.


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Key Market Insights

  • More than 150 industry players across the world are presently engaged in evaluating the potential of nearly 300 next generation immune checkpoint modulators for the treatment of multiple disease indications
  • The pipeline features a variety of marketed / clinical stage therapies, targeting a number of different types of immune checkpoints and being investigated for administration via different routes
  • In the last few years, over 600 clinical studies of various types of immune checkpoint modulation-based therapies, involving nearly 90,000 patients across different centers / hospitals, have been initiated worldwide
  • In the pursuit of obtaining an edge within this emerging and highly competitive market landscape, developers are actively exploring the therapeutic potential of novel immune checkpoints, beyond PD-L1, PD-1 and CTLA-4
  • Over time, big pharma players have initiated product development programs focused on immune checkpoint modulation for treating various oncological indications, investing significant capital, time and effort
  • Several organizations have extended financial support to aid research efforts in this domain; the current focus is on investigation of novel immune checkpoint pathways / targets
  • The growing interest in this field is also reflected by the 120+ partnerships have been signed in the last two years, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders
  • The future market, based on the revenue generation potential of marketed and late stage therapies, is anticipated to be distributed across different disease areas, mechanisms and key geographical regions
  • In the long term, the opportunity is likely to be segmented across diverse therapeutic modalities, immune checkpoint targets and routes of administration


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Table of Contents


    1.1. Scope of the Report
    1.2.       Research Methodology
    1.3.       Chapter Outlines

    2.         EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

    3.1. Chapter Overview
    3.2.       Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy
    3.3.       Fundamentals of Cancer Immunotherapy
    3.4.       Immune Checkpoint Modulators
    3.5.       First Generation Immune Checkpoint Modulators
    3.6.       Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Modulators
    3.6.1.    Types of Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Modulators

3.7.       Challenges-related to Immune Checkpoint Modulation-based Therapy
3.8.       Future Perspectives


    4.1.       Chapter Overview
    4.2.       Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Stimulators: Marketed and Development        Pipeline

4.3.       Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Stimulators: Pipeline Analysis
4.3.1.    Analysis by Phase of Development
4.3.2.    Analysis by Target Immune Checkpoint
4.3.3.    Analysis by Mechanism of Action
4.3.4.    Analysis by Therapeutic Modality
4.3.5.    Analysis by Route of Administration
4.3.6.    Analysis by Target Disease Indication
4.3.7.    Analysis by Therapeutic Area
4.3.8.    Analysis by Type of Therapy
4.3.9.    Funnel Representation: Analysis by Phase of Development, Mechanism of Action and Type of      Therapy


4.4.       Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Stimulators: List of Drug Developers
4.4.1.    Analysis by Year of Establishment
4.4.2.    Analysis by Company Size and Geographical Location
4.4.3.    Leading Developer Companies: Analysis by Number of Pipeline Therapies
4.4.4.    World Map Representation: Analysis by Geography


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