Introducing You To Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy


Introducing You To Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy

Hair Again

Pollution and global warming are not only the cause for concern when it comes to hair loss. Most of the time, men and women had to suffer from hair loss happens when they are blow-drying, taking a shower. Another reason is sleeping because it is seen that most people do not bother tolose strands as a cause for alarm (women's case). Apart from these, genetic problems also can be a significant cause of hair loss.

But not to worry as modern technology has brought quite a few options for those who are suffering from hair fall. With advanced laser treatment like Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, anyone can stop the progression of hair loss so thatthey can get rid of the stress and frustration of hair loss problems. Now it is easy and this is a non- invasive method for you to work with, if you are not comfortable with surgery for your hair loss. This is safe and shall give you back your hair and also shall add confidence to your behaviour.

Importance Of Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy

Research has been found low-level laser hair therapy or LLLT to be a stimulation for mice’s hair growth, which is designed for chemotherapy-induced alopecia areata and also inalopecia. Those clinical trials under controlled supervision have shown that LLLT stimulated hair can grow both in women and men. 

Among several other mechanisms, the primary mechanism postulated that results in the activation of epidermal stemcells, which takes place in the hair follicle bulge, and after that, it shifts the follicles into the area of the anagen phase.Whether your hair has begun to show signs of significant thinning or is in the early stages of receding, immediate treatment is mandatory to stop the progression of hair loss.

How does low-level laser hair therapy work?

The modern medical community is glad to have the advancements in technology over the last few decades. However, the evolution of discovering new solutions has been continued. Thus, today they have come up with a modern solution for men and women by using which they can restore their hair from younger days without any requirement for surgery or pills.

Its work is scientifically proven. 

The FDA cleared the solution, which is popularly known as Low Level Laser Hair Therapy or LLL. Itis used for clinical-strength laser technology in orderto stop hair thinning in both men and women and to treat significant hair loss. LLLT procedure is renowned for having painless light technology and non-invasive systems, which helps to stimulate hair follicles. It is also scientifically proven that the induce solution of LLLT helps in regrowth of thicker, fuller, and fluffy hair.

Bottom Line

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy or LLLT is found to be effective and safe hair growth in both men and women. The coherence, optimum wavelength, and dosimetry parameters remain to be determined and play a significant role in this procedure.


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