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Macqueen's Bustard UAE - Houbara Conservation Fund | Houbara Fund

The houbara bustard (Chlamydotis undulata), also known as African houbara, is a huge bustard local to North Africa and southwestern Asia, in which it lives in arid habitats. The global population is listed as Vulnerable at the IUCN Red List in view that 2014.The European population is confined to the Canary Islands and has been assessed as Near Threatened in 2015.Macqueen’s Bustard

The houbara bustard is determined in North Africa west of the Nile, particularly within the western a part of the Sahara wilderness vicinity in Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Some old records exist from Sudan as nicely. A small population is determined within the Canary Islands. The Asian houbara or MacQueen's bustard which turned into earlier included on this species takes place east of the Sinai Peninsula. The North African species is sedentary unlike the migratory northern populations of Macqueen’s Bustard.



The International Fund for Houbara Conservation UAE is the global leader in Houbara bustard conservation. A international conservation method was advanced and applied during the last 40 years with the objective of making sure the species has a sustainable future within the wild via powerful and suitable conservation programmes and control plans.The IHFC changed into created in 2006 to further the authentic programme via managing worldwide belongings and securing partnerships throughout the variety of the houbara, which inspire sustainable practices to ensure the species’ conservation.

The Houbara conservation programme is supported through the government of Abu Dhabi. A multi-faceted Houbara conservation approach has hooked up breeding centers in the UAE (The National Avian Research Center and The Sheik Khalifa Houbara Breeding Center), Morocco (Emirates Center for Wildlife Propagation) and Kazakhstan (The Sheik Khalifa Houbara Breeding Center) to captive-breed Houbara and boom wild populations of the fowl in its herbal habitat across entire species range. In 2019, the International Fund for Houbara Conservation bred 484,351 Houbara and released extra than 343,428 Houbara into the wild.


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