Should You Consider Investing In A Self Storage Business?


Should You Consider Investing In A Self Storage Business?


Storage units are usually places that are rented to tenants to store their things. They are technically Extra space storage that is usually used over a short period. It involves very minimal investment compared to renting out living spaces. For many real estate agents, Self storage space are assets. With considerable income potential and low overhead, a self-storage business may be something that you can easily handle.


What are the advantages of having a self-storage business?

There is minimal construction cost other than CRE and fundamental part-time management. Most real estate agents consider self-storage an asset mainly because of these reasons:

  1. Less emotional equity among tenants: Since the storage spaces are merely places to store the tenant’s belongings, there is reduced emotional equity. The leases are given monthly and are secure.
  2. Decent income with cash flow: If you happen to invest in a self-storage industry, you will likely be subjecting yourself to monthly rent, which is good cash flow.
  3. Low costs: The storage units Singapore need very minimal investment. Low construction and building costs, given that you practically have nothing much to construct or build are apparent.
  4. Self-sufficient facilities: The storage units are self-sufficient. They do not require much maintenance. They run on part-time management, depending on their size.
  5. Monthly rent: The month-to-month tenancy gives you the scope to increase the rental rate sooner. This provides you with a platform to increase your cash flow.


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What are the disadvantages of having a self-storage business?

Although owning a self-storage space seems like a glamorous idea to make money, it involves its own set of risks. Most people don’t go investing in self-storage business because of the lien process.

Oversupply has been another concern for self-storage investors. 2018-2019 witnessed considerable spikes in the development and construction of Storage Facilities Singapore.

In case of natural calamities, the materials at risk are high in number. This could be an absolute catastrophe for the owner.




Overall, it can be said that self-storage business is a good investment, but it is at the owner's costs. Real estate has been the best performing occupation in the industry, primarily associated with claiming assets. There are always Self storage space rental Singapore. So make sure that you pick the right side depending on how much you can invest and where.


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