Something About Escape From Tarkov Factory Map


Something about Escape from Tarkov Factory Map

Factory is that the smallest and most chaotic map of all shake Tarkov maps, which is popular for its tight quarters and low player count. It features features many enclosed and semi-opened areas with many elevated spots (inside Tarkov’s Factory you've got to possess your eyes not only behind your head but also on top of it) that promote fast-paced, close-quarters engagements. With only six players, it's ideal place to fight. Moreoverr, there are five extraction points on the whole level, and only three are available to PMCs.

The three major exit points on Factory map are Main Exit, Tunnels Exit, and Container Exit. There are many underground tunnels and a couple of small dark rooms to navigate through on this map. Compared to other maps, it's much easier to urge to an extraction point in Factory map of shake Tarkov. the opposite two exits are designated by big exit doors, whereas the extraction point are often found within the tunnels.

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