There Was A Time When A Professional Hacker Had To Be A Jack-of-all-trades


There was a time when a professional hacker had to be a jack-of-all-trades

The gaining of unauthorized access to data in a computer has been a part of computing for almost 10 decades. The first known hacking attempt had taken place in the year 1960 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the same time, the word ‘Hacker’ was originated. There was a time when a professional hacker had to be a jack-of-all-trades. In the new era of technology there are thousands of expert hackers within the realm of hacking; smart phone application security, web application security testing, network penetration. So in the nutshell hacker is a highly-skilled professional with computer or other technology, knowing computer language. 

A hacker is a well versed computer programmer and can write code in different programming language. The software professionals or programmers know that security consideration. Their skills in security could be strengthened even further by developing additional proficiency in hacking techniques. So the hacking is a conscious attempt dependent on specific technical skills, operational knowledge of computers, networks and advanced technological understanding.

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