What's Wrong With This?


What's wrong with this?


I saw this Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells comment in another thread concerning yesterday's Direct and I think that it hits right at home for a good deal of the people commenting here. I don't doubt at all most of you who are complaining are young adult/adult gamers. In addition, I believe a lot of you once again had wayyy too high of expectations. You all need to keep in mind that Nintendo's focused demographic are children, families, and casual gamers. While they have thrown more older /"hardcore" gamers a few names such as BOTW, Fire Emblem, as well as the bonus levels in Odyssey, one of the main focuses are having gameplay that is accessible to as many people as possible.

Being angry about things that don't exist sounds so tiring and sad to me. Why not people only play games that they like? I will never have time and cash to play with all of the excellent games available. I just don't get why being angry is indeed important to a people. If you do not like something, do not think about it. Stop caring. Put the energy in to things you want.

From 1 perspective, yes. What's wrong with this?

Again, I personally think Nintendo could be doing so many things to make themselves better, but I am not losing sleep with it. I'm not really in their demographic anymore and will perform the few games they release that do seem interesting to me.

I personally think that it was a bad idea for Nintendo to make another splatoon match for the change because they had splatoon two and that game had a pretty major community and player base and I also was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get anything ably BOTW two but we got a Zelda game for this season

Does anyone else feel like. . .they kind of want a brand new Zelda that is not a sequel to BOTW? Like when it had been 2 years later BOTW it felt fresh buy animal crossing new horizons items and new. I was eager to explore this universe more.


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