How Does Delirium Work In Path Of Exile?


How Does Delirium Work in Path of Exile?


In the Delirium league, each area contains a Mirror of Delirium. When players undergo the mirror, it creates a fog of Delirium that spawns new enemies and makes existing enemies tougher. The fog will still opened up , and therefore the deeper players venture out, the stronger enemies get. Defeating enemies within the fog adds extra rewards, and enemies within the Delirium can drop Delirium Orbs, which add a layer of Delirium to the whole map, and splinters that combine into a gateway to the Simulacrum. Enemies within the Delirium also can drop Cluster Jewels, which are socketed within the outermost sockets within the passive skill tree to make a whole cluster of passive skills and may be modified to grant different passive skills.

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