Continuing Locksmith Services While CoVid-19 Outbreak


Continuing Locksmith Services while CoVid-19 Outbreak

It’s normal for schools, offices and other essential supermarkets to close for a few days such as holidays, snow days and hurricanes. However, we are living in a time where these essentials are closed indefinitely, a situation that is different for everyone. Essential commodities are closed not closed for scheduled holidays or the like, but due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. Countless factories got shutdown, Millions of workers stopped their working, and thousands of flights cancelled; empty streets because many people are working from home instead of driving to the office. Global economic activity has been put into an induced coma. But in this unprecedented time, what if you lose your safe keys? What if a burglar violates your home? Who can assist you in this CoVid-19 outbreak? 

The answer is the 
EliteLock Service. If you need locksmith during the coronavirus pandemic in Australia, you will be pleased to know that the best locksmith is still operating to a certain extent. Elite Lock Service remains operating with extra safety precautions. Our experts are up-to-date with developments concerning CoVid-19 as well as ways of working including isolation, social distancing and hygiene. Our locksmiths understand the importance of reducing the spread of Coronavirus. Elite Lock Service offers emergencylocksmith for lockouts if locked out of the house, front and back doors not locking, opening locked doors if locked in, key cutting, safe opening, and many more.


If you are hiring a locksmith during CoVid-19 outbreak, every customer needs to inform the locksmith if you are self-isolating on your initial call. This is vital to maintain the safety of the locksmith and their families. With all the safety measures and health standards, our locksmiths will attempt to ensure social distancing measures while fixing your problem. 

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