It Is Great That You Concur About Madden Needs Fixed


It is great that you concur about Madden needs fixed

I am really confused about your own argument. A still picture isn't great evidence of a catch. I also think it's probably the grab was made because I see no real reason to think the OP is lying, but to Mut 21 coins dismiss the stage that a still-image is not great signs of a grab is silly.If you think the OP that this was a grab, then that still shit IS evidence if nothing else of Madden multitude of flaws. What is really confusing is a multi billion dollar business does not rework their match. My part in this dialog is completed lol if you wan na sit here and defend this game. Please, feel free next year, and waste your money!

It feels like you are missing the point that individual was creating. When refs examine a catch, they're searching for whether or not the feet are in boundaries and whether the receiver maintains ownership to the ground. The first criteria can only meet. I concur that Madden needs major fixes and the challenge process is a issue. This is why I also believe the OP. I'm just pointing out that the person who commented above that the picture is not technically evidence of a catch is correct.

It is great that you concur about Madden needs fixed, most of us know this. I am not confused whatsoever. My point is I've put a lot of hours into Madden I have seen most of every years bugs, to the point that what I am looking at as an educated madden player is ANOTHER edition of Madden ineptitude to accompany even ITS OWN FOOTBALL RULES as this still shot serves as GREAT EVIDENCE.

Like it was a game that is true, Consider it. If all you had to go off of was a still picture of a participant's feet in boundaries, would that be sufficient proof to say that a catch was made? If you're going from the real rules of the NFL it is not enough evidence. That. I agree that Madden is crap. I concur that the bugs are massively problematic. I am just also agreeing with somebody else above that, technically speaking, this image isn't fantastic evidence of a completed grab.

I understand what your saying.. But this remains a video game. So what, before the movie games are indiscernible to actual life I should just get these minor defects that pile on top of each other each other play (soccer pileups are still something which aren't in Madden yet that really work ironically) before the technology catches up to Buy Madden 21 coins real time perfection? What? I didn't state to have over the defects. I really don't understand where you are getting that from. I have agreed that the flaws are problematic and Madden is shit. Not really sure why you don't get it.


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