What Is Ministerial Intervention For Australian Visas?


What is Ministerial Intervention for Australian Visas?

Australia is a land of opportunities. The country invites immigrants from all across the world to work, study, or start a venture. Due to lengthy visa rules, many immigrants fail to get the visa of their choice. Once the visa is rejected, reapplying for the same visa may take longer time. In case, your visa appeal is rejected and you feel that you have met all essential things for visa approval, getting help through ministerial intervention is helpful for you.

There are two scenarios whereby the applicant can apply for MI. The first is when they have received the decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the Protection visa application is cancelled.

The second is that you must have a visa. While living in Australia, you can request for Ministerial intervention for visa application. If the applicant has not a visa, his application is not considered.

What is ministerial intervention?

It is Ministerial Request where a request is made directly to the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection to consider your visa for approval. However, the ministry is not obliged to request your appeal. It first goes for AAT review. After that the ministry considers the appeal to review. Only a fist of applicants gets visa approval through the MI.

What is the cost of MI?

There is no cost for MI. You are request to consider your visa for approval. However, you pay to the immigration agency that is putting efforts to consider your appeal.

How much does it take?

You cannot entirely depend on visa approval from MI. A few lucky ones get the chance. Decision from MI can take 1 month or more than a year. It is difficult to say how much time your visa appeal will take. It may take one month, a year, or more than it.

Conditions to Apply for MI

  • Applicants who are facing strong compassionate circumstances that may result serious, irreversible harm, and hardship to an Australian citizen or a family where at least one member is an Australian citizen
  • Compassionate circumstances regarding your age or health that if it is not considered it can cause serious and irreversible harm
  • Playing a pivotal role for the culture, economic, or scientific field of the county that require you to stay in Australia
  • Unable to go back the nation because circumstances are not in your control


Hire a reliable migration agency that can assist you to successfully apply for the MI visa.


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