It Seems Similar To A Quest Taken And Rebuilt Into A Background Story's Bones


It seems similar to a quest taken and rebuilt into a background story's bones

I'll grant you the Infernal Source but also the Zarosian digsite(as of Lv. 102 arch) feels just like Azzanadra is just there for the sake of amusement to watch the humans muck about. The RS gold Saradomin digsite as of that level is far more of a lore dump in writing which I'm personally okay with, padding our knowledge of Morytania before the Vyres. As much of a story has been constructed, but it doesn't really feel. The half giving the vibes that she's planning to demolish the place of vanescula Drakan given the chance.

The Armadylean digsite feels just like a slow storyline expansion for Invention which is cool, after it plopped on the scene with basically nothing at launch. It also sets up a narrative for the future exploration of Avianese-centric content that people have been searching for. The Warforge is the one I am most torn about because the writing for it fleshes out more of what Bandos' reign wet, which I like. But man am I sick of visiting Zanik. They've revived her 2 or 3 times with increasingly plots from death.

Use another Bandosian for content and stop using over and over the same character as a crutch. Please. I can hardly take anything involving her seriously anymore after the mess that was the end to The Mighty Fall. Then you go out of your way to say that her spirit is bound into the Soul Wars at the conclusion of Nomad's Elegy, fair enough. You then let her wander around as soon as you need a Bandosian from the Warforge? Come on already. This is a long way to see as far as constructing narratives, the range from great to fully dropped in the sauce.

It seems similar to a quest taken and rebuilt into a background story's bones. Quests are not just background or lore, they're experiences. In RS, quests have traditionally have owned weight, gravitas. Peoples lives were saved and lost with a story gradually unfurling to inform a comprehensive narrative. Reading and books will never have the exact same impact as playing with a pursuit. That's not to say the books are bad, but they're no replacement for quests.

Okay but Arch ISN'T just lore novels, you're doing puzzles changing the environment meeting new NPCs and getting the story from them. I concur lore books are not enough but this, these were not just lore novels is my purpose. Also pursuit do not necessarily have stakes instantly a lot of them become something bigger during the pursuit or narrative. The story from the Zammy website for example starts as you trying to find the infernal origin, moves to discovering some unsettling history, and then ends with you rescue the lives of 14 infernals that had been enslaved and forgotten about for hundreds of buy RuneScape gold years.


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