Hockey Pro League Live Score API - Hockey API - Entity Sports


Hockey Pro League Live score API - Hockey API - Entity Sports

Entity Sports application programming interfaces (API) give you access to our sports data. You can use our Entity Sports API to build web and mobile sports application. Either its fantasy sports or live scores our data full fills requirements for all type of applications.

Entity Sports API delivers season, competition, teams, matches, player, and statistical data for Cricket and Soccer. Since the API is true to Restful principles, it’s easy to interact with using any tool capable of performing https requests, such as Postman or curls.

Fast, Reliable and Accurate Hockey API with Detailed in Match Player Statistic. Live Score Hockey API, Hockey Fantasy API, Men's and Women's Pro League, World Cup Coverage.

To allow you to interact securely with our API from a client-side web application (though you should remember that you should never expose your API keys in any public website's client-side code). JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors.

Entity Sports is one of the leading sports technology and data companies in the market. We track, collect, compile, package and distribute information on around sports organizations worldwide to serve data via API and hosted applications to our clients. Fastest and most reliable data flow with proven quality in all sports branches. Entity Sports is a provider of sports and betting-related live data. The Entity Sports Field Hockey API provides Restful methods for integrating applications with the NHL Field Hockey statistics feeds database. It provides primary feeds in the form of daily results and daily schedule, which in turn, provide competitor, match, and tournament ids for the competitor feeds, sport event, and tournament. Its player and venue ids are accessible via feeds for specific matches. This API returns responses in either JSON or XML format.


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