Holy Grail OSRS Quest Guide With Free 07 Runescape Gold On RSorder


Holy Grail OSRS Quest Guide with Free 07 Runescape Gold on RSorder

Holy Grail OSRS is an Intermediate quest as the second part of the Camelot quest series. Here is our Holy Grail quest guide with fast walkthrough and more information.

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Requirements of Holy Grail OSRS quest

The Intermediate quest Holy Grail has the following requirements:
-Completion of the Merlin's Crystal quest
-Level 20 Attack
-Ability to defeat a level 120 Black Knight Titan
Note: You need to have the Excalibur OSRS to kill the titan.

Holy Grail OSRS quest walkthrough

1. To start the Holy Grail quest, talk to King Arthur in Camelot.
2. Head to the room with the cauldron on the 1st floor and find Merlin.
3. Head to Entrana without any weapons or armour. Speak to the High Priest in the chapel.
4. Head to Galahad's house west of McGrubor's Wood. Speak to Galahad and get the holy table napkin.
5. Head to Draynor Manor's top-most floor's southern room, and then pick up 2 magic whistles.
6. Bring armour, Excalibur, food, and a magic whistle to fight the Black Knight Titan.
7. Go northwest of Brimhaven to the northwestern peninsula. Stand under the tower and blow a magic whistle, and you will be teleported to the Fisher Realm.
8. Fight against the Black Knight Titan on the bridge with the Excalibur.
9. Go south along the river and speak to a fisherman.
10. Head to the castle, southwest of the fisherman, and pick up the Grail bell from the ground and ring it.
11. Take the stairs to the south, and speak to the Fisher King.
12. Travel to Camelot and speak to King Arthur. You need to have 1 empty slot in your inventory for Magic gold feather he gives you.
13. Head to Goblin Village. Click the Open option on the sacks in the house in the east side of Goblin Village.
14. Speak to Sir Percival with a magic whistle.
15. Return to the Fisher Realm. Head to the top floor of the castle's eastern tower and take the Holy grail.
16. Return to King Arthur. Quest complete!

Hope our guide for Holy Grail quest OSRS can help you complete this quest.

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