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"Professional Oakland painters at Arana Painting offer quality painting services for both residential and commercial. Interior and exterior we have got you covered! Servings Oakland CA and surrounding cities 510-567-9559!"

Arana Craftsman Painters is the Bay Area’s premier, family-owned residential painting company. Combining artisanal attention to detail with modern, sustainable practices, we lovingly restore old surfaces to protect your family’s biggest investment. We bring all the beauty of your home — inside and out — to life.

We call ourselves Craftsman Painters because we love to strip surfaces down to their essentials and make them beautiful again. Learn more about who we are and our commitment to the highest-quality, handcrafted work you’ll find in the Bay Area.

The Craftsman Philosophy

Loving care of your home is your first and most economical line of defense for your family’s biggest investment. Our mission is to serve homeowners by preserving the structure that provides warmth and sustenance for their families. We believe that Bay Area families deserve the finest work at a fair price. We work with you to protect and extend the life of your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


We are conscious about the environmental impact of our practices.

Our commitment to sustainability goes well beyond our products. We give a portion of our profits to organizations working to improve the social and environmental health of our local community, donating to local schools and to organizations that support youth, young girls, families and struggling homeowners, including: Alameda County Food Bank, Rebuilding Together, Peralta Elementary, Chabot Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, San Leandro School District, Planned Parenthood, and Youth Violence Prevention in Oakland. We take pride in preserving and beautifying homes to create stronger and more beautiful communities here in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Area!


We’re committed to your satisfaction. That’s why we always guarantee our work and serve our own warranty–so you get Craftsman-quality work every time. We offer a five-year written guarantee against peeling, bubbling, or cracking paint.

  • Valid for all Arana projects
  • Annual inspections checks-ins to confirm our workmanship
  • We repair peeling, bubbling or cracking directly associated with our work

Warranty Repairs

All warrantied Arana work will be repaired promptly, free of charge.

  • Arana is your home maintenance partner
  • We bring timely attention to any required repairs
  • Craftsman detailing and attention with each repair

Residential House Painting

Your home is not only your family’s biggest investment, it is the place where you will spend the majority of your time together. It’s the place where memories are created and where you spend time bonding over common experiences. 

At Arana Craftsman Painters we help homeowners both breathe new life into their home and protect it with unparalleled painting. We service both the interior and exteriors of homes and can restore vibrancy and that je ne sais quoi that’s often missing in aged homes and those that have never received a fresh coat of paint. Our staff is made up of persons whom aren’t simply content in doing a job, they love what they do and it shows in the results we produce. Our attention to detail is unparalleled and we approach each job as artists intent on delivering a home that’s warm, welcoming, and reflective of its owner.

Exterior House Painting

The exterior paint of a home has multiple functions. It not only servers as a first impression to visitors and those passing by but it can also add copious amounts of curb appeal to a home; adding to it’s market value and helping it to find a buyer quickly. Arana Craftsman Painters have been helping homeowners personalize their homes for years and create something both unique and special for their biggest investment.

Interior House Painting

While the exterior of your home needs to be presentable to both outsiders and your family, the inside of your home is where you spend the majority of your time. Arana Craftsman Painters helps homeowners realize their interior design goals by creating highly personalized designs and offering a plethora of paint choices. Our team applies an artisanal attention to detail to every interior it paints.

Commercial Painting

With so much emphasis placed on residential house paintingcommercial painting often goes overlooked. While Arana Craftsman Painters has helped breath new life into homes at the residential/private level, we also work regularly with business entities and persons. When working with landlords, property management companies, commercial building owners, and the like, we utilize the same artisanal approach found in our residential work. A commercial building, be it a home, apartment building, or retail store deserves the same attention to detail and the same care our residential project receive.


Interior elements (from beams and mantels to stair risers, balusters and balustrades, doors and windows) and exterior elements (shingles, decks, sidings, doors and windows) can all be stained to reveal the beauty of the natural elements that make up your home.


Plaster was an economical material to use during the early part of the 19th century and gives many homes a vintage, old world feel. Unfortunately, most homes in the Bay move when earthquakes rock and roll through the area, causing plaster to crack. Because we are craftsmen, we are able to repair cracks, matching the myriad styles and textures found on interior walls. For large patches where walls and ceilings have cracked due to lots of movement, we use drywall to create a smooth canvas on which to apply plaster. We can skim for a smooth surface, match your existing texture, or apply a new texture, based on your design goals.

Concrete & Brick –

Concrete and brick can serve as beautiful structural elements of your home and landscape.

oncrete starts to break down over time as the surface wears away, becoming pockmarked and cracked. Sealing your concrete driveways, walkways and patios every five years protects them from cracking and needing replacement. Brick, like concrete, requires periodic resealing. Like most of the surfaces of your home, it requires rehydration to retain its beauty. We can scrub, clean and reseal dirty and even blackened brick and stone to restore it to its former beauty.

Pressure Wash

Pressure washing can revive dirty concrete. It needs to be done correctly, or you will see the spray marks in the concrete. When we paint your home, we typically wash hardscape and brick elements to make sure they are refreshed along with the house.

Paint & Stain

For a color change you can paint or stain concrete. Previously painted concrete can only be re-painted for a fresh look. For unpainted concrete in good shape, stain can create interest and refresh the surface without masking the material beneath. Stained concrete requires less maintenance than painted concrete and complements a high-end landscape design or plays off the beauty of the main home. Don’t want color? Concrete that looks nice and is in good repair can be preserved with a clear sealer.

Oakland Painters


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