Wall Decor Nude Oil Painting


wall decor nude oil painting


Welcome to homeira Art Shop where you can view the nude, flower, wall decor, paintings, Art can show a glimpse into a person essence and surprise us! Homeira Mortazavi. Phone: (514) 938-8066; Email: info@homeira.ca

We offer numerous art classes in Montreal including painting classes, drawing classes, photography classes and much more.

As a painter, Homeira Mortazavi`s central focus is on women and flowers, in particular the rose; the two themes are often symbolically juxtaposed in a surreal fashion. Several of the large format oil paintings featured here offer exquisitely rendered intimate views of roses, grouped such that a rhythmic pattern of tonal pinks, corals or the softest blues, keeps our eye moving across the canvas surface. Three of the works bring together figure and flower, as, for instance, `”In Peace’ where the female figure turns away from the viewer to gaze at the looming image of the open rose as if greeting a friend or acknowledging a communicating presence.   Mortazavi`s technical skill is repeatedly evident in the handling of both human and natural forms as she celebrates the beauty of both.  Mortazavi has enjoyed both solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec and in the United States.

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Montreal Canadian Iranian figurative Artist

Floral oil painting living room

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wall decor nude oil painting

digital art nude and Flower

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Homeira Mortazavi

Phone: (514) 938-8066



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