Tips For Moving On To Subsequent Rank In Rocket League


Tips for Moving on to subsequent Rank in Rocket League

1. If you're within the rank of Bronze or Silver, you would like to drive slow, pay less attention to boost , and specialize in where you hit the ball. Once you've decided you're driving at the right angle, don't boost to mess it up. Take a while with shots, it's more important to not miss than it's to urge the ball to travel where you'd like .

2. If you're within the Gold rank, you'd wish to repair your attention on aerials and catches.

3. If you're within the Platinum rank, you would like to specialize in corner clears and far post rotation, and flicking within the right direction for boomers so on get more precise.

4. If you're within the Diamond rank, you're imagined to pay more attention to flicks, aerial control, long-distance backwall (not backboard) clears, rotation, actually controlling the ball direction on every touch - touches here should start counting towards something and not be focused on JUST hitting the ball before your opponent

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