Rocket League:get In Position Fast With The Half-flip


Rocket League:get in position fast with the half-flip


The half-flip is an awesome recovery move. In Rocket League, you would like your boost to be pointing within the direction you’re going all the time. It’s not always possible, but the half-flip quickly allows you to face the proper way if you finish up backwards.

This move takes advantage of a stimulating mechanic called flip cancelling. once you dodge forwards or backwards, you'll hold your analogue stick within the other way to cancel the flip. So, if you hold forward at the precise moment you hit 180° through a backflip, you’re facing the other way and you'll boost forward. the sole problem is, your wheels are now pointing up, so you would like to use air roll right/left to rotate the proper high as soon as you cancel – saving yourself from a clumsy controller fumble.

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