What Is An Radiator Recycling Machine?


What is an radiator recycling machine?

What is an radiator recycling machineļ¼Ÿ

The radiator recycling machine can recycle used radiators in cars or air conditioners. The copper, aluminum and iron contained in it are mainly separated through crushing, magnetic separation and air separation.

How does a radiator recycling machine work?

First is crushing, which replaces the traditional manual dismantling and could save manpower. Then according to the properties of iron, the magnetic separator will separate the iron out first. Next, the copper and aluminum will be separated by air separation because of their different specific gravity. In this way, the copper, aluminum and iron can be efficiently separated for further use.

Advantages of using a radiator recycling rachine:

1. Separation after crushing ensures that the material is separated in a large state, thereby reducing the generation of metal powder and could improve the recovery efficiency of the metal.

2. High degree of automation. The whole line is PLC automation process, which only needs one person to operate.

3. The separation rate is high, could reach to 99%, so the metal separated will be very pure.

4. There is dust collecting device equipped in the whole process, so it could control the dust flying to ensure the clean of the factory.

5. With low investment, and high profit.

6. The voltage can be customized as per your requests.

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