Why Does The Cable Granulator Machine Become The First Choice For Copper Wire Recycling?


Why does the Cable granulator machine become the first choice for copper wire recycling?

With the development of science and technology, there are various ways to recycle waste copper wires. At present, the latest and most popular copper wire recycling method is the Cable granulator machine.

The Cable granulator machine is mainly used for the recycling of waste copper wires, wires and cables. In simple terms, it is to crush these waste copper wires, wires and cables first, and then separate the crushed copper from plastic. Achieve distribution after separation. Since the separated copper is like rice grains, it is called a Cable granulator machine.

The Cable granulator machine uses an integrated design, which is composed of crushers, dust removal equipment, screening equipment, and integrated control electrical cabinets. During the work, the wires are broken by the crusher, and the broken wires are fed into the conveyor. Vibrating screen, after purification in the dust removal equipment, the plastic and copper are separated by the vibrating screen, and the separation rate is close to 100%. Because the separated copper is very pure, it has a good sales market, and you can sell them directly for profit.

Compared with traditional copper wire recycling methods, Cable granulator machine have their own obvious advantages.

1.High efficiency:The whole process of Cable granulator machine is fully automatic, so it is more efficient than manual peeling.

2.Strong adaptability:It can handle the waste copper wires of the same specification, and can also deal with mixed waste cables of different specifications.

3.Good environmental benefits:The Cable granulator machine is equipped with a better dust collection system, so it has less pollution to the environment.

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