Moisturizing Cream Market Statistics, Competitor Landscape, Key Players Analysis, Trends And Forecasts


Moisturizing Cream Market Statistics, Competitor Landscape, Key Players Analysis, Trends and Forecasts

Global Moisturizing Cream Market share is expected to grow at a higher growth rate supported by the rising awareness about the benefits of moisturizing cream and lotions among the population. Increasing demand for basic cosmetics from the fashion sector has also increased the share for moisturizing cream in the global market. Developing economic conditions of various regions is fueling up the market demand for Moisturizing Cream on the global level.

All these factors contribute to the calculated CAGR of 5.7% of Moisturizing Cream market during 2017-2023.

Rising sale of moisturizing cream is driven majorly by its diverse application across the beauty and cosmetic industries. Moisturizing cream is highly used by consumers to hydrate their skin and enhance the skin’s glow. The product is also used by consumers to keep the skin of babies protected from rashes and allergies. The formulation of moisturizing skin is such that is helps to protect the skin from various kind of damage and is also used to reduce the effects of cuts and certain allergies.

Rising consumer’s awareness about the wide application of the product is influencing its sale positively. In addition, developing fashion awareness and beauty-consciousness among the female population in developed regions have led to increased demand for moisturizing cream globally.

Furthermore, increasing disposable income backed up by developing economic conditions has also influenced the growth of this market. The production of moisturizing cream is high in North America and is projected to increase at a growth rate in various countries of Asia-Pacific and Europe over the forecast period.

Moisturizing Cream Market Segmentation

Global Moisturizing Cream Market is segmented by Product-Type, Age Group, Specialty Attribute, Skin Concerns, Distribution Channel, and Region.

Moisturizing cream manufacturers across various regions are following the strategy of new product launch to expand their business as well as to meet the consumers demand. Owing to this, the key players are investing highly in R & D sector to improve their existing products line and to launch unique products. This is one of the major factors that propel the demand for moisturizing cream as a key skin care product. In the North America, U.S. is amongst the dominating countries holding a major share in moisturizing cream market and exports the product to various other countries, which include the Canada, the U.K., Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico and others.

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Moisturizing Cream Market Downstream Analysis:

The demand for moisturizing cream as face care cosmetics is growing at a significant rate, whereas, moisturizing cream for body care holds a share of a lion in the market. Moisturizing cream for infants & toddlers with unique nourishing formula is anticipated to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period. In addition, the demand for cruelty-free moisturizing cream is estimated to have a high growth based on increasing animal welfare concerns among the consumers.

Moisturizing cream to reduce dryness & dehydration will hold a major share based on the moisturizers for various skin concerns. Moreover, the sale of moisturizing cream through supermarkets/hypermarkets accounts for a significant share among the various other distribution channels.

The Global Moisturizing Cream Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world (ROW). North America holds a major market share followed by Europe. High demand for moisturizing cream owing to increasing disposable income from the developed countries of these regions is contributing to the growth of the moisturizing cream market. The U.S., China, Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore are the major importers of moisturizing cream. Economic growth and developed trading channels are driving the growth of Moisturizing Cream Market in these countries.


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