Why Recycle Used Air Conditioners?


Why recycle used air conditioners?

Why recycle used air conditioners?

As is known to all, radiators are made of precious metals such as copper, aluminum, and iron, and there are a large number of waste radiators every year in air-conditioning water tanks and automobile water tanks. In modern life, air conditioners and cars are almost essential furniture and transportation. According to relevant survey data, in the Chinese market alone, home air conditioners sold more than 88 million units in 2019, and the current domestic car ownership is 200 million. In so many air conditioners and cars, the daily consumption of radiators and waste radiators is very large. In order to improve the utilization rate of resources and alleviate the resource shortage, it is very important to recycle used air-conditioning radiators.

How to recycle used radiators?

With the rapid development of the global economy, due to the increase in labor costs, it is no longer necessary to rely on manual recycling and crushing of waste radiators. We consider using machines to recycle waste radiators in order to achieve high separation efficiency and high recovery rates.

Then, when werecycle waste radiators by machine, how about the handling capacity of the waste Radiator Recycling Machine? How many tons of waste air-conditioning radiators can be crushed and separated in one day? How much can the recovery rate reach? Below we make a brief introduction:

1.The entire production line uses machine crushing, splitting, sorting, the output of the entire production line is relatively high.

2.We have different processing capacity to recycle waste radiators, it can process 300kg -1200kg waste radiators per hour.

3.The machine is separated by shearing and pulverizing into a mixture of copper, aluminum and iron. After the iron is separated by a magnetic separator, the copper and aluminum are separated by gas flow and specific gravity separation, and the separation efficiency is very high, and the metal recovery rate is as high as 99%.

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