Simple Tips To Secure Personal Information On A PC


Simple Tips to secure personal information on a PC

Using a good quality of antivirus from a reputed company that actually helps you to protect your device such as computer or PC from malware and secure yours device’s database from the attack of any hacker to access your personal details and password when it comes to password we should always create strong passwords using all required keywords, lower and upper case keys includes with numerical keys and we should also include special characters like @.,*#, and many others like this.

Nowadays many devices provide inbuild security programs or software to helps the users to protect their data for example Microsoft provides windows firewalls for many PCs to protect the system from any cyber attack. Microsoft also popular for its office setup to create a word file, spreadsheet, and presentation as well.

we need to avoid access to permission or login with a personal id on an unauthorized website.
avoid saving card details such as credit card, debit card, or any atm card details when it’s unnecessary. and also don’t fill in personal details on unauthorized websites that you visit.and be careful to fill an online form that needs your personal details.

Keep your system’s security batch up to date so your system’s database will be on the safer side. some reputed antivirus, for example, Norton gives your pc great protection against virus and cyber-attack and protect your personal information 24×7. To download or more information about the Norton antivirus.

Be aware of clicking on an unknown link, or hyperlink that redirects you to another page which is not looking reliable. if you have any doubts about this kind of email, you can simply google it, and if someone reported fraud or spam about that email please be careful.

Using a public Wi-Fi might cost you, so please don't automatically connect with the public Wi-Fi network, it might possible that hackers access your personal data using it, such as location and other personal information, in the same way, turn off your Bluetooth if it is not in use.

Some more useful tips are: Don’t save your personal id password on an unknown device such as on your office PC
and also don’t forget to logout from your Google account, Instagram ID, or any personal ID if you are using someone else device example using a friend’s PC.

Summarize: use a good quality antivirus, use a strong password to protect your device, devices that have inbuild software for virus or threat protection, update your device from time to time, don’t just click on every link, avoid using public Wi-Fi network, and don’t forget to logout when it’s required. source:


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