Tricks To Save Hours Of Time During House Swap


Tricks to Save Hours of Time During House Swap

House swapping, also known as house exchange, is a type of arrangement whereby both parties agree to exchange each other’s homestay. Since no monetary exchange is involved, collaborative effort is required. Home exchange covers a variety of residency types, such as holiday homes, apartments, houses, etc.

It may include the exchange of the entire house or just one room. The length of swap varies from a couple of days, weekends, and even several months. However, short-term house exchanges are in huge demand. These days there are dedicated home exchange websites where you can explore plenty of options across the globe. They generally charge nominal fees.


A home swap deal is divided into two categories, one is the simultaneous exchange, and the other being the non-simultaneous exchange. The former includes an agreement, where you swap each other’s property for a specific period,   While, non-simultaneous exchange, you can reside in their accommodation, but the other family will not come to live in your property.

The house swap concept also has a myriad of perks over the conventional hotel stay. A few of the key benefits include house swap is free, convenient, and a tremendous opportunity to explore.

The History of Home Exchange

The originating footprints of the home exchange take us back to 1953, when Intevac International, a group formed by European teachers who wanted to travel around the globe during the summer breaks, at economical costs. In the same year, Vacation Exchange Club in NYC was created by teacher David Ostroff. The biggest landmark year was 1999 when the growth of the home exchange industry was at 15%-20% per year.

The home exchange became the theme of a popular romantic comedy “The Holiday,” directed by Nancy Meyers.

Travel Light

Generally, family holidays are often defined with big suitcases, sheets, clothes, and probably an entire relocation. And, frequently the accommodation doesn’t always suit the family needs. Those days need not happen again

Today, you can easily browse a credible home exchange website from the comfort of your home to check out the best vacation swap homes in various parts of the world. You can find a good, fully-equipped house with all the necessary stuff you need, right from sheets to kitchen essentials. So, ultimately, you’ll experience the joy of traveling light, a tremendous weight lifted from your shoulders.

Live Like A Local

Usually, traveling, vacations aren’t just about restaurants & bars. If you want to live in a foreign location like a local, then it is best to stay in someone else’s real home. You can blend with the local population. The groceries you’ll cook from the local food market.

Let’s Wrap Up

In the end, if you want to make your home swap successful, then you’ll need to do your comprehensive research work to narrow down to a trustworthy home exchange site. You can also speak to your friends or relatives, who have recently been a part of a house exchange arrangement.


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