Details Of Last Recall Nerf OSRS In Trailblazer League With $18 Off Runescape Gold 2007 On RSorder


Details of Last Recall Nerf OSRS in Trailblazer League with $18 Off Runescape Gold 2007 on RSorder

Last Recall nerf OSRS has been proposed with the teleport adjustment. Changes will be made with the update this week.

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Why is Last Recall nerf OSRS proposed?

According to the latest official blog, the develop team has received feedback regarding crowding and players crashing one another at the God Wars Dungeon. The team anticipated that there would be an overpopulation problem in this area, which is why they added the option to enter a private instance to fight the bosses. However, players with OSRS Last Recall relic are able to teleport directly back into the boss chambers, and this does not work with instances. Players are also hopping between worlds, which leads to an unintended increase in population around an already crowded area.

Proposed changes for Last Recall OSRS

To fix the issue mentioned above, the adjustment will be made to Last Recall OSRS to change how the relic works in the God Wars Dungeon. With the update, it will teleport players to the door of the boss room they came from, rather than into the boss room itself. This adjustment will allow them to re-enter a private instance.
Additionally, players’ kill count would not be removed once it’s earned, regardless of the Relic they have chosen. This will apply to any situation where players would typically lose their kill count.

What do you think about Last Recall nerf OSRS?

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