How To Get Rewards From OSRS Xmas Event 2019 With Free Rsorder RS 07 Gold


How to Get Rewards from OSRS Xmas Event 2019 with Free Rsorder RS 07 Gold

Jolly looking Santa stands beside angry children in Varrock! From December 11th, participate in OSRS Christmas Event 2019 and get some new festive rewards.

Want free OSRS gold, RS gold and cash coupons for upcoming Christmas? Come to join RSorder Christmas Pandora’s Box event at 3:00 AM GMT on Dec. 13! Find the hidden 6 pictures and then get the code!

OSRS Christmas Event 2019 walkthrough

1. Locate Santa in Varrock Square south of the castle. Speak to Santa.
2. Talk to the Worried Baker south of the Apothecary.
3. Speak to Santa again. Watch cutscenes.
4. Talk to Paul and Mary.
5. Pass through the cell doors where the Icelord is.
6. From the south room, take the following items:
-3 festive pots from the table
-3 festive ginger powder from the red sack
-3 festive flour from the green sack
-3 festive cinnamon sticks from the barrel of festive branches
-3 festive eggs from the bucket of eggs
7. Add them all into the receiver and pull the lever.
8. Take the gingerbread shield from the oven.
9. Take the bakery storage key while having the gingerbread shield equipped.
10. Unlock the door.
11. Talk to Paul and Mary.
12. Return to Santa.

What can you get from OSRS Christmas Event?

After completing the Christmas event, you can obtain the following rewards:
Green gingerbread shield
Two partyhat sets
Two Santa hats
Two Christmas crackers
In addition to the rewards above, you can also head to Diango to claim other rewards from previous events.

Have you completed OSRS Christmas Event 2019?

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