I Don't Wish To Retailer Or Do Anything That Is Bad For Xp


I don't wish to retailer or do anything that is bad for xp

Zamorak: Power Usage: 60% Effect: The RS gold assault stinks competitions for 20 seconds in addition to doing regular harm. Tactics: The attack can be useful for PKing, since it can hold competitions whilst you strike them. It's also quite helpful in Combat Mini games like Castle Wars or Clan wars because it can stop your opponent from running. Personally, I like Zamorak because you then can hit an monster, it stinks for 20 seconds while it is possible to flee.

Here are my standing: Combat lvl 51, Strike: 40, Strength: 50, Defence: 34. Since I don't need it to be over lvl 40 and I may look at lvling up str. I will be wearing complete adamant and wielding rune scimmy, and bringing swordies. 1. Can I bring strength potions and teleport runes? 2. A friend of mine is bringing anchovy pies (heals 18hp). Is it recommended? 3. Finally, can I chased the dragon? Anchovie pies I believe are two snacks, so you have to click twice on it and just get 9hp every moment.OK, what my strategy was, I'd craft nats via abyss and utilize those to alch what I fletch. However, I'm a new member, so I'm not used to the abyss and didn't recognize that I needed money to tele (glory ammy, tele orbs or w/e, elf crystal, etc.) I also don't possess some runes actually, so I can't tele. I'd love to be in a position to do this, and I understand it works nicely, cuz my friend's rich, and he does that for cash. Anyway, I had been wondering how to get a fantastic chunk of money so that I could start doing so. I don't wish to retailer or do anything that is bad for xp. I'd love to utilize a skill, and find some decent xp while I am getting my money.

So, I need two things replied: First, how do I get the money to start crafting nats via abyss? Second, what's the least expensive way to utilize the abyss? Buy about 5 glory's to begin with even though you will be recharging alot - which will be 200k in 40k each(be sure you are finished hero's pursuit so you can recharge your glories). Go to the abyss with a pickaxe or a hatchet and get to the interior ring then visit the nature portal and craft your nats. Then tele into edgeville and repeat. (it takes about a minute/give or take) The abyss dosen't cost money to use or anything, the only cost is glory's and pure character. You ought to mine your own character (dose not take long) and your collection. In terms of making 200k if you don't already have it just choose some flax and spin it in to bowstring and sell it at the ge. That is about 1.5k bowstring I presume. .

Alright, so heres the deal. My friend has an RS Classic acount that he used way back when before RS2 came out. He had some good stats, especially for RSC. However, he claims to buy rs gold paypal have quit before RS2 came out. When RS2 was out for some time, he came back, but the password was missing. The recovery questions no longer functioned. Odd thing ishe never touched RS2, however, the stats show up on the highscores...


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