We Have Been Able To Expand The Dribble Movement Arsenal


we have been able to expand the dribble movement arsenal

The Pro Stick was a staple of 2K basketball for decades and for the most part, has gone unchanged since its beginning. For NBA 2K21, we saw this to freshen up the game on the offensive end. In past games, you can hold the NBA 2K21 MT Coins Guru Stick in any way to have a jump shot. This limited us from utilizing the proper stick. So we're making a fairly significant change to the way the Pro Stick works.

With this shift, we have been able to expand the dribble movement arsenal and give you access to more motions at a control scheme that is more intuitive. After a match or 2, it will have you busting ankles in no time and is going to feel nature! Along with the remap themselves have been overhauled to be significantly more responsive and chain-able. Street moves are moved to a tap of the left cause which means you won't be firing them off by accident when defenders in the Park're breaking down. Moves weren't the only thing which benefited from the Pro Stick update.

Jump shooting and finishing at the rim have been points of emphasis also. We wanted to make scoring the basketball a skill both from the perimeter and at the rim, so we prototyped a number of different shooting mechanisms for the game of this year and brainstormed. What we settled on was an idea conceptually similar to something we attempted in NBA 2K17... Shot Stick Aiming. Aiming did not really work that well in NBA 2K17 because it was somewhat buried, didn't have much skill and did not give the user any feedback. We took those learnings and used them to make a solution that was better this time around.

To get NBA 2K21, if you shoot with the Pro Stick, the shot meter varies from a time consuming bar to a system. So rather than attempting to stop the shot meter when you reach the ideal release window, you fix the Pro Stick in time to hit the center aim point that is ideal. The target window can shift into the left or right based on the degree of difficulty of the shot and resizes based on player ability, shooting range, and just how well the shot is contested. Should you miss the goal too far to the right or left, your shot will overlook in that way.

And as I mentioned above with the newest slider sets, even the slightest degree might be the difference between a make and an airball on Hall of Fame, although it is quite a bit more forgiving on the easier difficulties. You also won't be penalized with the entire motion to get the sweet spot. To put it differently, you don't need to time your release when you're shooting with the Guru Stick. But if you would like to take it to the next level and know your release, you are able to lock on your time and aim by centering the Pro Stick or simply by tapping one of those triggers when you get to the apex of the shooter. A brief flash onto the Cheap MT 2K21 shot meter will indicates the lock. If you aim and can time well, you will give yourself the best chances at making the shot.


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