Write Your Thesis


Write your thesis

Write your thesis


More than a third of doctoral students will drop out of their studies before obtaining their diploma. Admittedly, the causes of these dropouts vary, from a bad relationship with the thesis director to precarious financial conditions, including a job offer that is impossible to refuse. However, for many students, the big obstacle lies in writing a thesis.

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Get bogged down in your thesis

You usually only write a doctoral thesis once in your life. Everyone is therefore a beginner. For some, writing a thesis becomes a real ordeal and generates anxiety, stress, and loss of confidence. These symptoms may remain mild or worsen and lead to some form of exhaustion.

Thesis writing is a long-term exercise, the stages, and deadlines of which are not always well defined. Also, writing remains by definition a solitary act. Loneliness sometimes turning into a feeling of isolation. Left to himself, the student must have the discipline and the method required to properly structure his work. Too many students languish in a vacuum for a long time, since their lack of method does not produce good results. Effortless efforts often lead to exhaustion.

When things go wrong, many people fear when to settle down to write, or even avoid it altogether. This form of procrastination prevents work from moving forward, eventually causing panic at the prospect of falling behind hard to catch up.

A question then arises which must be answered to avoid complete failure: how to regain the desire to write? 

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Develop your method

First, write daily, but for a short period. Rather than trying to devote a whole day to writing, it's better to work two hours and then move on. These periods should be accompanied by small, very specific goals that can be achieved during that time. This avoids focusing too much on the big deadline, which induces stress. Achieving a series of small goals becomes a source of motivation and pushes back the specter of procrastination. The professor also suggests avoiding perfectionism, a great enemy of many doctoral students. Dissatisfied with what they produce, they cross out as many words as they write and in the end make very little progress. The time to write is not the time to review. Now is not the time to constantly correct yourself. You have to allow yourself some freedom in writing. Rather than doing it as you go, it will take sufficient time, when the drafting is very advanced, to carry out a proper revision. Not just to correct syntax and grammar, but to review both the content and the form of the text and make changes where necessary.

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Unite the solitudes

As for the other great enemy, isolation, it must also be fought fiercely when it becomes heavy. Make sure you see family and friends and discuss something other than your thesis. There are also solutions to avoid always working alone. Doctoral students, however, attach as much importance to the availability and supervision of a thesis supervisor as to their competence in the field of research.

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How to present your thesis?


Language of writing

For defense, an exemption must be requested and validated by the Research Commission. 

If agreed, a summary in English of about forty pages must be produced.

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Style sheet

Presentation rule
  1. To facilitate the electronic dissemination of theses, it is essential to use the title page and the style sheet according to the rules:
    • justify the text,
    • choose a font with good legibility and a sufficient size (12 pt on average),
    • choose a single line spacing which can be enlarged (1.5 line spacing),
    • left and right margin of 2.5 cm,
    • 1.5 cm high margin,
    • 2 cm low margin,



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