Thank You. I Will Not Remove Because You Put A Lot Of Work To It You Post For Now


Thank you. I will not remove because you put a lot of work to it you post for now


It has been discussed at length but that's because it's so significant. Add a matchmaking booth like rec or ruffles, and keep the neighborhood if you would like currently has. Of having to wait in a video game, the MT 2K21 concept is absurd. But along with that, there has to be a difference in rep made from Pro-Am/Ante Up games vs matchmaking games. Insert a 2v2 and 1v1 Pro-am as well (different bigs and guards). Pro-am should give you ATLEAST twice the rep of a rec game.

Maybe more. Right now if you are playing for rep, you are better off beating up scrubs in rec than heading to pro am where you might face some resistance. If Pro-am players got 3x the rep as rec and park players, then rep would really mean more and more park and rec might develop into the casual manner they were intended to be. When NBA 2K21 initially came out, most of the comp players were at pro-am, so park was nice for us casuals.

Thank you. I will not remove because you put a lot of work to it you post for now, please remember for another time. You might want to bring these ideas. Agree to kick like six siege since in rec, there's always this one random on my group who only stops playing defense since he is not getting enough touches.

I have run into a few men that do it, but I have also seen men in squads freeze out the random(so ) they have paired with. If you are intentionally not giving somebody the ball since they're not your friend, particularly when they're available, then you deserve to get sold, Because you are selling them. This but squads need to match up with Cheap NBA 2K21 MT different squads. 2K includes a large player base that meh squads should fit up against god squads hoping to bar stomp, not with meh squads in their area.


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