Costco Samsung Tablet


Costco Samsung Tablet

Is it good enough that you buy a pre-owned phone? You will find many strong reasons convincing you to buy a phone already used by someone else. Technology is advancing fast and new editions of phones come with better specs and higher prices. But, does it make last year's edition obsolete? Advancing technology does not mean a couple of years old or older phones are no more worth using. You can easily connect to the modern world with slightly old technology and do well in your life. However, there is more to using a pre-owned phone than just this. Here are 5 reasons why it is a good choice to use an old phone.

1. Perfect Condition

A phone that is available for resale is often not broken or damaged. It is only returned to the seller within its money-back guarantee because a buyer did not want it. The only change in it that it is factory reset and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s factory settings. But, the phone is resold either at half price or reduced-priced, labeled as pre-owned.  The phone is in excellent condition and nothing in it is defective. Someone just did not like it and wanted to have another phone so he returned it.

In some other cases, a phone is used for a few months or a year and the owner switches to another smartphone and sells his old phone. This type of phone is priced lower and sold as a used phone.  However, most of the time it is perfect and bears no damage.  Buying Android phones that were factory reset is perfectly okay!

2. People Owned Pre-Owned Phones as New

In 2011, Apple was sued for reselling pre-owned phones at full price as new. Apple sold returned phones as new because they were virtually new. Many people purchased those phones and used them without any complaint in the device performance. So, if people possibly ended up with an iPhone that was pre-owned and happily used it after paying full price, then there should be no issue buying Android or an iPhone at a lesser price while it was pre-owned. Just make sure that you buy it from a trusted outlet.

3. Buy a Pre-Owned and Stay Green

Buying pre-owned gadgets cut down on tech waste significantly. You know that new phones are manufactured at a very high cost. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that ninety percent of phones bought in a single year is thrown out and not properly disposed of.  The companies recycle only10 percent. Doesn’t this ring a bell of alarm? Yes, you are right. The majority of the devices goes to landfills and become a source of worry for the green planet. So, the more people use pre-owned phones the less damage is they cause to the green planet.

4. Get Better Technology

Often you need an iPhone or an Android with certain technology features. It may not be found in the new edition as the new editions are over in the market. In this case, search for it on outlets that sell pre-owned phones and you will find it there. If you are dealing with a reliable popular retailer dealing with used phones, he will give you an error-free, excellent phone.

5. Save Big

This is the most powerful reason to consider buying an old phone. A used phone can save you quite a good amount of cash especially those gadgets which are priced exactly half of their original price.


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