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pest and building inspection

Pest Build Legals provides home buyers with easy quotes for pre-purchase building and pest inspections, as well as real estate legal conveyancing. As we approach the official launch of Pest Build Legals on October 1st, we have been busy verifying local service providers so that they can join our platform and help us service these home buyers. Before a provider can begin receiving leads through our service, they need to undergo a quick verification process.  But what exactly is verification with PBL?

A process that ensures our providers are adequately insured and licensed: Our verification process is simple and fast.  When a service provider joins our network, our team will ask for and check on the details of their current insurance, and any relevant licensing. In doing so, we save time and provide assurance for the customer by ensuring that all quotes come from licensed and insured businesses. This is an important service, and a step that should never be overlooked, (and it’s also recommended by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission!). It goes without saying that just as it is essential to have appropriate licenses, insurance is also vital for our service providers. Sometimes, even a great pest or building inspector with a long and successful history can overlook something that may be revealed at a later date. If a buyer incurs costs from any oversights, this insurance may cover these incurred costs, providing both the inspector and home buyer protection. (This is something that you can and should discuss with your Real Estate solicitor or conveyancer!). For an easy overview of what you need to consider when buying your home, read our blog 7 essential steps to buying a home.

An equal playing field

Service providers that join Pest Build Legals can rest assured that they are not competing against unlicensed or uninsured providers. We also ensure that all the customer enquiries are up to date and current. We qualify all our leads by ensuring they include the actual address of the property under contract, the date they need the inspection and unconditional date.

We are launching on Oct 1st - and we need you!

We are looking for local professionals in Real Estate Conveyancing that have the capacity to service the influx of home buyers requiring legal representation.


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