I Don't Think That's Been The Gist Of This Criticism At All


I don't think that's been the gist of this criticism at all


Do not like decorating? Do not like talking to villagers? That's disliking the heart of what the game is meant to be and Animal Crossing Bells it is no wonder you would hate it.

Just so absurd to watch people get up in arms over a series not intended to be their jam.

I don't think that's been the gist of this criticism at all. People have critiqued the game for the ways that it deviated from the old games, not since the AC formula isn't for players. For instance: making the games increasingly more focused around the player and not as much around the villagers, together with less dialogue variation, less diverse behaviors, the ability to control who comes and goes, etc..

There's still content that has yet to come outside for ACNH, I don't believe we could say it's not the same when we haven't seen everything they are going to launch yet! Sure it sucks that a number of the trendy furniture in the other games is not in it yet, but I expect that will come later as shop upgrades occur and whatnot.

Why couldn't they release it all from the beginning? That's the thing that I am unhappy about. I enjoyed that the 120 hours I put in the match and got out before its flaws started bothering me too much, but that was before even paintings had been inserted and with how slow it's to get paintings I feel like I wasted a great deal of time playing it beforehand. The only thing this release schedule/scheme has done is make me want to not play for two decades and then pick it up when it feels like a whole game.

People are saying that the game is too shallow for them, not that they hate decorating and Nook Miles Ticket For Sale talking. Edit: We might have while also getting improvements such as crafting greater than one item at once.


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