Once You Get The Basics Down Feel Free To PM Me And Ill Help You With The More Advanced Stuff


Once you get the basics down feel free to PM me and ill help you with the more advanced stuff


Yes OSRS will be helpful for the old runescape combat and all of the lore. Runescape 3 is quite complex compared but I suggest diving in to a skill like archaeology or looking through the boss log and locating an easy boss which can enable you to learn mechanics such as god wars 2, or even just god wars 1 to get some practice. I would use youtube to find an interface setup you like, and receive a mage, array, and meele action bar setup. I would also turn on revolution in the RS gold battle settings, it will cast your skills for you without you having to do anything but you should also install keybinds and input things such as thresholds and ultimates, and because you become more experinced you can switch to full manual and enter everything, only takes practice.

Once you get the basics down feel free to PM me and ill help you with the more advanced stuff. IGN Nuzz Nuzz, I also have a youtube channel (Nuzz Nuzz) too. With a few beginner pvm tips and tricks videos. Just dip in and dont think too much, I wish I could experience RS3 again as a new player because theres so much to do and understand. I will definitely start working on some stuff then. I did find a video about UI, but it had me restrict Runescape view to a box, and I was not a massive fan. When it stretches corner to 8, I enjoy. It feels really good like that. Do I need another action bar apart from those three? I noticed there are other skills possible.

After I get to a point where I think I will get members, I'll add you and perform through some stuff. That would be quite enjoyable. Well you want actions bars for every style, but you should have one with defensive skills which you may learn more about, and also have food/potions etc on bar, I switch my armor and weapons and also do high level content fine but if you have to be extremely high tier pvm you can always add weapons and armour but it's not a must.

Perhaps most you men know the expression" you do not stop runescape you merely take brakes" I don't know how many times I have tried to give up this game. What made me get it to 12 days so much was that this corona, I've understood that even though some folks are complaining there was not really any substantial change in my life, so I decided I want to change. I uninstalled Runescape and realized that I have time now. I spend all day browsing YouTube what was blessing and a wast in disguise, I discovered. I determined that I want to plan my entire day I made a routine, I started Excel and planned my day every hour of my day was intended all I need to do was stick with the plan easy said then done.

After realising that just planning was not really going to do anything for me if there weren't any consequences, I determined that I could only watch anime at the conclusion of the day once I have done everything that was on my own plan. I started my days by working out in the morning after exercising I meditate for 10 moment, by doing this 2 things I saw a significant change in my mood I felt only happy and proud of my self. I determined that I need to give up since I was 13, there being that cheap RuneScape gold a habit twisting my ass mind you I'm around. After realising I was constantly tired even after a good sleep that I moved to the nofap route. I am trying to choose day 90. In short by deciding to quit runescape, I'm not trying to escape this planet however I'm trying to enhance my self.


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